Take The Cake -
Take The Cake is not a  bakery, I design custom cakes and cupcakes .
 I am excited to design a one of a kind custom centerpiece for your 
Special Occasion that tastes as good as it looks.
I hope to see you again! 
(all orders are subject to my availability rush orders are extra)
I offer cakes in the following Traditional flavors:
Butter Pecan
French Vanilla
New Exciting Cupcake flavors:
Andes mint chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream (most popular)
Apple pie cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese icing
Banana pudding cupcake with whip cream icing
Blueberry cupcake with cream cheese icing
Blue velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing
Chocolate chip cookie dough cupake with vanilla buttercream
Choclate fudge cupcake with peanut butter icing
Chocolate cupcake with coconut cream icing
Chocolate cupcake with orange icing
Churro cupcakes with cream cheese icing
Cookies and cream cheese cake cucpake
Gingerbread cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese icing
Keylime cupcake with keylime cream cheese icing
Orange cream cupcake with orange icing or cream cheese icing
Orange cream cupcake with white chocolate ganache and orange buttercream
Peach cupcake with peach cream cheese icing
Pine apple coconut cupcake with buttermilk cream cheese icing
Pina coloda cupcakes with pine apple buttercream
Pumpkin maple cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese icing
Red velvet cupcake with white chocolate mousse
Red velvet cupcake with cookies and cream icing
Strawberry puff cakes (choclate cupcake with fresh strawberry icing dipped in chocloate garnished with strawberry)
Tiramisu cupcake
Vanilla oreo cupcake with marshmallow icing
Vanilla chai cupcake with cinnamon buttercream
White chocolate cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese icing (white chocolate filling) (most popular)
White chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting